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Featured Workshop

"How to Speak with PowerPoint for Powerful Results" 

Please be sure your computer's sound is on, then click on above photo to see video clips from a few of Dr. Goldberg's workshops.

Whether speaking professionally to audiences in corporations, conferences, academia, or online, Microsoft's PowerPoint is a marvelous tool.  Although PowerPoint is widely used, it is often abused.  Slide design is approached as a technical task unrelated to public speaking, yet its purpose is to speak to audiences.     Thus, PowerPoint entices presenters to overload slides with text and distracting tricks, then read slides to bored audiences.  

You don't have to be a PowerPoint abuser.  Dr. Carol Goldberg can help you close the gap between technology and public speaking since she is a professional in both.  She can conduct unique PowerPoint workshops at your corporate, conference, or academic site and individual coaching (even long distance online) to integrate speaking skills with slide preparation and presentation.  She provides advice and speaking practice with PowerPoint related to your work.  Become the presenter audiences seek, with powerful results for your work.

Learn how to:

build your relationship with the audience prior to making slides

design slides according to how people process information

●  produce slides that help you speak well

manage stress and fear of public speaking.

Please watch for the announcement here of the publication of Dr. Goldberg's forthcoming book on speaking with PowerPoint.

Dr. Goldberg brings a unique combination of experience as an expert PowerPoint presenter, dynamic professional public speaker and coach (Public Speaking for Professional Success? Workshops),  professional web designer with technical skills, psychologist specializing in stress management, psychology professor who knows how people process information, workplace consultant who understands business, and Host and Producer of TV program, Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company, which airs at least weekly in New York City and vicinity since May 2001.  From her unusually diverse experience, she can help you design and deliver powerful presentations.


To watch Dr. Goldberg on the Today show

and on Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company, please click here.

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