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Close the gap between where you are


and where you want to be.?/sup>

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to help you and your organization be healthier, more productive, and get ahead.


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Testimonials from Viewers of TV Program

Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company

"Congratulations on your show.  It's great."

"I think it's wonderful that you take the time to produce programs such as these that benefit many viewers.  Please keep up the wonderful work!!"

"GREAT SHOW.  I was clicking thru the channels and came upon your show.  I truly think your show is the most valuable tool in today's TV programs, we need more of you and your guests.  Keep up the good work.  IT IS WORTH YOUR TIME, believe me."

From a psychologist: "program provides truly useful information in a plain talk style."

"I hope you are as pleased as you deserve to be." 

"You conduct an excellent interview."

From two psychologists: "Dr. Carol Goldberg's weekly program makes us proud of the mental health profession and particularly of being psychologists.  She has the talent of 'translating' important and at times difficult concepts into common-day language.  And she does it in a friendly and down-to-earth manner.  We have recommended her program to our mental health counseling students; their reactions have been most positive.  A benefit for the general public, regardless of ethnic background or economic status.   We only lament that she is not yet on national television."

"You were your usual superb self interviewing.  You know the most interesting people!  You always ask the questions that elicit the best from your guests because you're so knowledgeable about their subject."

From a psychologist: "Congratulations on your TV show.  I'm so glad that I had a chance to see it this evening.  You are a true media maven with the grace, presence, expertise and charisma that makes your program very compelling and interesting." 

From a psychologist:  "You were fabulous.  You look great.  You are very articulate and came across as a true professional.   I was very proud.   I thought what you had to say was very informative and a different slant. Congratulations.  I think you did a great job."  

From a psychologist (far from NY so watched it on Internet): "I was thrilled to see you on TV.  You look great and present well.  The program was engaging and addressed important issues.  I will pass along some of the advice to my patients."

"I'm very impressed with Dr. Goldberg's interview technique."  

"I liked the ending you gave - the advice part...very knowledgeable and professional."

"By now I have watched four of your TV programs.  Dr. Goldberg, you look great, seem relaxed, and it is obvious you are well prepared for each show."

"I found the subject timely and professional." 

 "My wife and I find your advice about children helps us with our 6 year old son."

"I love the programs.  Of course, I'm most interested in those topics that I could identify with or be of value in the future.  Of greatest importance is the fine presentation and the public service you give to people."

"Dr. Goldberg is a very dynamic, inspirational role model.  Her commitment and dedication to public education is so encouraging and engaging."

"I just happened to see your program.  It's so good I will be sure to watch it each week."

"I'm glad I stumbled upon your program as I was surfing channels.  I think it should be more publicized and not just by chance."

"We were watching your program and are extremely impressed with you." 

"I thought the show was wonderful." 

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